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My app sets an array of strings that are the available services. Then when the app call "getServiceRequest" calls on my custom class, that must load the class that match the target in the available services array.

Then the problem is here; The class is like this. And I would like to run the render_output everytime I run a service like this. How to extend the originals classes, and which ones? thanks

class get_current_account2(object):
    def render_output(self, input):
        self.output = object()

        data = self.execute(input)

        self.output.data = data || nil

        if self.message:
            self.output.message = self.message

        return self.output

    def execute(self, input):
        from app.models.user import User
        from gaesessions import get_current_session
        from google.appengine.ext import db

        session = get_current_session()

        if not session:
            self.message = 'Session not found'

        if not session.has_key('account.logged'):
            self.message = 'Account not logged'

        if not session.has_key('account.email'):
            self.message = 'Account email not found'

        if not session.has_key('account.key'):
            self.message = 'Account key not found'

        if not session['user.key']:
            self.message = 'User key not found'

        user = User.get(db.Key(session.get('user.key')))

        if not user:
            self.message = 'User not found'

        user.account = None;

        return {'logged': session['account.logged'],
                'account_key': session['account.key'],
                'email': session['account.email'], 
                'user': user,
                'session_sid': str(session.sid)}
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I'm sorry, I honestly can't understand your question. Can you describe more clearly what you're trying to do, and what the problem you're encountering is? You also need to tell us what framework you're using. –  Nick Johnson Dec 1 '10 at 23:49
The framework is the webapp from google app engine + pyamf. I've already done it. I will post the answer when I will have access to code. Thanks –  Totty.js Dec 2 '10 at 12:24

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