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I'm having some problems finding an algorithm which successfully parses a wide range of date/time strings. I need something which not only handles the common formats such as yyyy-MM-dd etc, but also something a little more exotic such as the Swedish long date format which is 'den 'd MMMM yyyy which allows something like "den 1 december 2010". It only needs to handle formats which Windows has been set to, i.e. if you set it to Swedish then I wouldn't expect it to handle French etc.

I was hoping that the MFC COleDateTime's ParseDateTime would handle it, but it doesn't appear to.

Does anyone know of anything which is versatile enough to handle these various date formats?

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Boost.DateTime has a flexible range of parsing options. See here for an initial example. You can specify your own input/output format using the flags here.

You could use this to build a factory class that generates a parser/streamer based on the locale of your system.

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