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In view (may be Application/index.html), I had the content like:

<div>${don't need evaluate this content} </div>

I don't want Play! evaluate it, only display absolutely this content on screen, so how can I do it ?


Thank Loic and Niels, I have just checked them, both solutions:

#{verbatim}${don't need evaluate this content}#{/verbatim}


<div>'${don't need evaluate this content}' </div>

didn't work!

Note that, I use XML in response type.

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I managed to get this working using the following

<div>&#36;{don't need evaluate this content}</div>
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The best practice is to use the verbatim tag:

#{verbatim}${don't need evaluate this content}#{/verbatim}
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verbatim tag only tells Play not to escape characters that are special in HTML. Template processing is still performed. – Brad Mace Dec 21 '10 at 1:21

From my groovy experience I would guess to use simple quotes so

<div>'${don't need evaluate this content}' </div>

But it's not tested. Perhaps \$ works too. At least &#36; instead of $ should work.

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All above didn't work in multilines.

${"""  ANY

""" is here-doc expression in Groovy and PHP.
''' is also here-doc without evaluation.

so, we can also do %{print(''' ${test} ''')}%

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