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I can do this to check if a record(s) exists (say id "1" exists, but "2" and "3" don't):

Model.exists?(:id => [1, 2, 3]) #=> true

How do I do the opposite, so:

Model.not_exists?(:id => [1, 2, 3]) #=> true
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If you only need search records through ID you can try this

class Model
  def self.not_exists?(ids)

If any of the IDs does not exist the find method will raise a ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound exception that we simply catch and return true.

Excuse my English :)

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just add a ! operator

!Model.exists?(:id => [1, 2, 3]) #=> true
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I'm asking how to say if 2 and 3 don't exist, how to make it return false. !Model.exists?(:id => [1, 2, 3]) returns false if 1 exists, whereas I want Model.not_exists?(:id => [1, 2, 3]) to return true if any don't exist. –  Lance Pollard Dec 1 '10 at 16:42

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