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How can I get a users location in a KRL rule?

  • What is the method?
  • What is the advantage or disadvantage of using that method?
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Here is a simple example

rule locations is active {
     select using ".*" setting ()
     pre {
       whereareyou = location:region();
       msg = << 
     notify("I think you live in", msg) with sticky = true;

And here is the docs.

The issue you will find is that sometimes the ip does not really represent the real location of the user because the user could be using a proxy. Also with most ISP's the ip is registered to a location a the and ISP's hub not the direct location of where the IP is being used at any given moment.

With the advent of html 5 and location apis in the browser it may be posable in the future to get a more exact location but that has not been implemented in KRL as of yet.

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+1, This is interesting. Thanks! – Alex Dec 1 '10 at 17:11

HTM5 Browser location is available now, but requires some javascript to make it happen. This is a slightly old app that uses the Browser Location APIs. This could probably be updated to not use a form, but here it is for reference:

ruleset a8x47 {
  meta {
    name "WikiNearMe"
    description <<
      Shows Wikipedia content near the user.
    author "TubTeam"
    logging off

  dispatch {
    domain ""

  global {
    datasource placearticles:JSON <- "";

  rule getlocation is active {
    select when pageview "/wiki/" setting ()
    pre { 
      form = <<
        <div id="my_div">
          <form id="nearmeform" onsubmit="return false" style="display:none;">
            <input type="text" name="lat" id="nearmelat"/>
            <input type="text" name="lon" id="nearmelon"/>
            <input type="submit" value="Submit" />
          <div id="nearmelinks" style="text-align:left;">
            <h2>Nearby Links</h2>
    // notify("Hello World", "This is a sample rule.");
    emit <<

      //alert("lat: " + position.coords.latitude + " lon: " + position.coords.longitude);
    append("#siteNotice", form);
    watch("#nearmeform", "submit");
  rule shownearby is active {
    select when web submit "#nearmeform"
    foreach datasource:placearticles({"lat":page:param("lat"), "lng":page:param("lon"), "style":"full", "formatted":"true"}).pick("$..geonames") setting (item)
    pre {
     title = item.pick("$..title");
     link = item.pick("$..wikipediaUrl");
    append("#nearmelinks", "<a href='http://#{link}'>#{title}</a><br/>");
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