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I want to add an NSDictionary item to my NSUserDefaults settings bundle, but I am not sure how to structure the item inside the Root.plist file. The dictionary needs to contain NSStrings for keys, and Boolean values.

At the moment the item inside the .plist looks something like the following pseudo code:

Item 0 -- Dictionary 
   Key -- String -- Values
   Values -- Dictionary 
       item 0 -- String  -- Speed //Key 
       item 1 -- Boolean -- NO    //Value

Is this correct? So in order to the read the Boolean value in my program I want to execute the following code.

BOOL speedValue = [[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]  objectForKey:@"Values"] objectForKey:@"Speed"]; 
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Almost. A BOOL isn't an object, so you'll need to get that out via an NSNumber or something.

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There is a Boolean option in the plist editor which I have managed to use for reading/writing to a single boolean value, but I want to do this for multiple booleans held within a dictionary. –  Sabobin Dec 2 '10 at 14:14


[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]setBool:TRUE forKey:@"isEnabled"]


[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]boolForKey:@"isEnabled"]
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