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I'm using an application that embeds IE control to show content. I change that content to contain a <div contentEditable="True">Hello World</div> element. This works well and I can edit the content of this div, but pressing Enter is rejected with a beep.

When I add a textarea element to that page the Enter key works and I can add lines, but not in the contentEditable element.

When I attach event to that element I see that pressing the Enter key triggers a keyDown event, but not a keyPress.

Anyone has an idea what might cause it?


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Does the document work correctly (as expected) in a normal browser? – Borgar Feb 3 '09 at 13:30
Yes - in a normal browser it works perfectly OK. – splintor Feb 5 '09 at 21:08
my solution works for me, you give hint to solve my problem for that upvote – Konga Raju Sep 1 '12 at 10:31

Most HTML elements ignore whitespace. Including a \r or \n in any DIV or similar element is just ignored.

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But when done in a separate browser window, there is no problem. The browser translate <enter> pressings to <br>s. – splintor Feb 5 '09 at 21:07

I have checked it in IE and Firefox it worked perfectly

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Some where else you attach the keydown event to document.

document.addEventListener('keydown', handle, false);

remove it or add keydown event to editable to stopPropagation.

$('#target').keydown(function(e) {
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