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I am planning on a photo app, and want to know how I could upload/ download images from windows phone 7 to the blob storage as well as access the table storage. I don't mind placing the access key on the application, since the app is planned to be distributed internally only. Since the Azure API is not available can somebody tell me how I can do the same ?

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You can:

  • use Azure BLOB API directly (including key on the phone)
  • Abstract Blob operations behind a server-side web service

I also recommend to check out article by Steve Marx on accessing Azure Blob from Silverlight. It covers a wide range of topics including Shared Access Signatures and how to actually work with Azure Blob API.

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I would not place the Access key into any client device. You should think about creating a webservice which can handle the upload for you. That way your phone has not to know about the Azure API.

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Try to decouple your Phone 7 application from the backend implementation. Windows Phone 7 supports XNA and Silverlight applications so I guess you're going for the latter. That implies that you need to connect to a service anyway. I would suggest that you put all the backend and Azure specific logic behind a WCF service and call that from within your application.

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