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So first check out my line of code below:

$env_config['tmpl_file_basepath'] = DOC_ROOT . '/tpl/';

DOC_ROOT is equal to $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] which is equal to /var/www/example.com/html/

So my code above would set that path to: /var/www/example.com/html/tpl/

However the tpl folder should actually be in /var/www/example.com/

So first is there any server variable that is equal to the domain root, rather than the public directory root? And if not, is there a way to go up a diretory such as:

$env_config['tmpl_file_basepath'] = DOC_ROOT . '../tpl/';

I tried that but instead it just did /var/www/example.com/html/../tpl/

If this site was just in one location, I could simply manually type in the server path, but this is a config file that is used on local, dev, and live so I can't have it hardcoded. I've gotten everything else working. Thank you!

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just dirname(DOC_ROOT) is your variable. /var/www/example.com/html/../tpl/ is okay too, it would work. no reason to ask –  Your Common Sense Dec 1 '10 at 20:26

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To go up one directory, you can use dirname:

$env_config['tmpl_file_basepath'] = dirname(DOC_ROOT) . '/tpl/';
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Damn you the man! I'm new to the site so I can't raise your Answer, but works perfectly. Thank you! –  cchiera Dec 1 '10 at 20:32
No problem! I believe you can mark it as a correct answer. –  RabidFire Dec 1 '10 at 20:33

/path/to/some/../location is equal to /path/to/location, because .. references the parent directory. You can use realpath() to resolve the path to its canonical form, but usually this is not necessary.

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You could try using realpath to get the absolute path to the tpl dir.

$env_config['tmpl_file_basepath'] = realpath(DOC_ROOT . '../tpl/');

Did you try ussing /tpl because / would make you end up in your webdir if i'm not mistaking. Or do you want the tpl dir outside of the webroot?

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