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Is it possible to make a SETUP project in Visual Studio that *does not install* but upgrades an app that already exists on the user's disk ? Example: the user has version 1.1 of the product and we want to send em a SETUP / INSTALLER that upgrades 1.1 to 1.2 ?

Regards, MadSeb

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Sure. First you create an installer for the new version.

If the old version was installed by a MSI package:

  • find the old MSI UpgradeCode
  • after building the new MSI open it with Orca
  • go to "Property" table and set the UpgradeCode of the old MSI
  • this way the new package should automatically uninstall the old one

If it was installed by a custom package:

  • in you new package add a custom action which removes the old version (for example launches the old version uninstaller or manually deletes all application resources)
  • make sure the custom action runs before "InstallInitialize" action in "InstallExecuteSequence" table (you can edit the action sequence with Orca)
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Didn't worked for me, is there any other work around? –  Jay Jan 7 '14 at 5:09

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