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I have this little script:

var moolang = new Class({
    initialize: function(element) { 

        this.el = $(element);
        this.el.addEvent('click', this.popup);  


    popup: function()
        //this.id = the id of the element.

And i want to know "this" in the popup function. but if i try something like alert(this.el.id) it says there is no this.el :/

is there a way to know which class adds the event?

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Change the attach event so the callee has the proper context. Otherwise the context of an event listener will be the target element.

// Change this line
this.el.addEvent('click', this.popup);
//To this
this.el.addEvent('click', this.popup.bind(this)); // popup->this == this

jsfiddle here See mootools documentation. Binding the context of a function.

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