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i have been trying to understand how to return links from yql results, but so far the only thing im getting is [object Object] and i am not getting anywhere so far, could you care to explain to me why is this happening? All i want is to display the results as links.

<div id="funfacts"> 
function funfacts(o){ 
  var facts = document.getElementById('funfacts'); 
    var data = o.query.results.a; 
    var out = document.createElement('a'); 
    out.className = 'fact'; 
    out.innerHTML = data.join("<br />"); 
<script src="''%20and%20xpath%3D'%2F%2Fa%5B%40id%3D%22download%22%5D'%0D%0A&format=json&diagnostics=true&callback=funfacts"></script> 

I hope this example is enough for understanding, all i am trying to do is for it to display the list of urls from that page, however it only returns a list of [object Object] lines.

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If you do a console.log on the return object you'll see that results is actually an array with three arrays within it. Thus to get the url you would actually need to do something like o.query.results.a[n].href

results: Object
a: Array[3]
0: Object
href: "…"
__proto__: Object
1: Object
2: Object

Here is the jsfiddle

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I have successfully managed to make the links appear while replacing the data.join with [data[0].href].join, however, is there anyway to make the [n] as for any number? For example, imagine that i have 100 links, it will be a lot of work writting down all 100 data[n].href! Isn't there any "hack" to tell the script to display all the results that exist? – Shadow Dec 1 '10 at 22:58
you can do a for loop on o.query.results.a where the termination would be o.query.result.a.length – kjy112 Dec 2 '10 at 1:02
However, whenever i try to place o.query.result.a.100 or [100], a syntax error occurs, or shouldnt it be done that way? – Shadow Dec 2 '10 at 1:10
well, the problem is what if you don't have 100 links in the query? you can do the following: for(var i=0; i<o.query.result.a.length; i++){ alert(o.query.result.a[i].href); } This will loop through all results and alert you with the href. – kjy112 Dec 2 '10 at 1:23
Makes sense, the problem is, i am having a hard time trying to implement that in the code, would you mind to answer the final result? – Shadow Dec 2 '10 at 1:30

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