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I have a form, with a bunch of fields, and then I have a:


The problem si that after the form.is_valid() check,


for example DOES return the actual name, however,


DOES NOT return anynthing.

In the print(request.POST) output, i get

u'profile_image': [u'02 Portfolio Page.jpg']

but in the print(form.cleaned_data) i get:

 'profile_image': None

Why is the file lost at the is_valid check? What should I do?


class NewChickForm(forms.Form):
first_name = forms.CharField()
last_name = forms.CharField()
def do_save(self):
    u = Subject(
        first_name = self.cleaned_data.get('first_name'),
        last_name = self.cleaned_data.get('last_name'),
        profile_image = self.cleaned_data.get('profile_image'),
    return u


s = Subject()
form = NewChickForm(request.POST) # 1)do i add here `request.FILES` ?
if form.is_valid():
    s = form.do_save()
            # 2) s.profile_image = form.cleaned_data.get('profile_image')?

Even if i do #1) and #2), i still get NONE

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Make sure you've used the correct enctype on your HTML form:

<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="/foo/">

Also, make sure you bind request.FILES when you construct the form object.

# Bound form with an image field, data from the request
>>> f = ContactFormWithMugshot(request.POST, request.FILES)

Binding uploaded files to a form

Edit: File Uploads

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You were right. I didn't have the multipart. added. But I am not getting the binding thing too much. The django explanation seems to be very differently done from what I have in my code. Could you drop a line on how I should be doing it according to the new code I pasted in the UPDATE? that would be really awesome – mgPePe Dec 1 '10 at 23:41
The multipart data will be put in request.FILES, so you need to bind it to the form in #1 for is_valid to validate that field. I'm not sure about #2 as I always just extract the file from request.FILES directly instead of using cleaned_data.get(...) Have you inspected request.FILES to see if your data is there? – Joe Holloway Dec 2 '10 at 2:52
Here, this doc is probably a better explanation:… – Joe Holloway Dec 2 '10 at 2:54

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