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I need some guidance. I need to develop a customizable FTP in C# that should be configured using App.Config file. Also, the FTP should push the data to any server from any client again depends on config file. I will appreciate if someone can guide, if there is any API or any other useful suggestion, or move me in the right direction.


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You can use FtpWebRequest; however, this is fairly low level. There is a higher-level class WebClient, which requires much less code for many scenarios; however, it doesn't support FTP/SSL by default. Fortunately, you can make WebClient work with FTP/SSL by registering your own prefix:

private void RegisterFtps()
    WebRequest.RegisterPrefix("ftps", new FtpsWebRequestCreator());

private sealed class FtpsWebRequestCreator : IWebRequestCreate
    public WebRequest Create(Uri uri)
        FtpWebRequest webRequest = (FtpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(uri.AbsoluteUri.Remove(3, 1)); // Removes the "s" in "ftps://".
        webRequest.EnableSsl = true;
        return webRequest;

Once you do this, you can use WebRequest almost like normal, except that your URIs start with "ftps://" instead of "ftp://". The one caveat is that you have to specify the method, since there won't be a default one. E.g.

// Note here that the second parameter can't be null.
webClient.UploadFileAsync(uploadUri, WebRequestMethods.Ftp.UploadFile, fileName, state);
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We use edtFTPnet with good results.

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Just to let people know the free version doesn't support FTPS, the pro version does –  tsukimi Nov 29 '12 at 2:24

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