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What is the best practice for paging?

Stackoverflow has good example. 1. Default page (First page): /questions/tagged/jquery Title: Newest 'jquery' Questions - Stack Overflow

  1. Paged page: /questions/tagged/jquery?page=2&sort=newest&pagesize=15 Title: Newest 'jquery' Questions - Page 2 - Stack Overflow

I have a page like following; 1. Default page (First page): /tag/love-quotes Title: Love quotes - MySite

  1. second page: /tag/love-quotes/2/ Title: Love quotes - Page 2 - MySite

When I search on google with site:MySite Both pages are indexed.

Let's say Love quotes have 100 pages. When user searches love quotes on google, I want the default page to be searched. I hope No link juice is spreaded to all the other paged pages.

I'm not sure what's the best SEO practice for multiple pages under the one tag or topic.

Any comment or link or idea helps! Please comment your idea.

Thank you!

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I think the first example you have makes a lot of sense (/questions/tagged/jquery?page=2&sort=newest&pagesize=15), a current project of mine uses a similar structure.

Before, you were able to shape how 'link juice' flowed on links within your site with the use of the "rel" anchor attribute; rel="nofollow". Not sure if search engines really still accept that. Most search engines are smart enough to know that links with query strings are usually just variations on the actual page/request and not unique pages (that's why the clean url frenzy started some years ago).

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