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I have a user input variable and i want to add that to an array. The firstStore is a BOOL type t determine if the array has been initialize. So the first time the STORE was called, it would initialize the array. I tried to make num equal to the operand (which is a double) by masking it NSNumber but that doesn't seem to work because i have this error "NSNumber may not respond to +operand", also the program crashes when it hits the line [memArray addObject:num]. I'm new at this stuff so any help would be greatly appreciated.

else if ([operation isEqual:@"Store"]) {
        memArray = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
        NSNumber *num = [NSNumber operand];
        [memArray addObject:num];
        firstStore = YES;
    } else {
         //NSNumber *num = [NSNumber operand];
        //[memArray addObject:num];

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tagging a question correctly will help to get some attention. xcode is just an IDE. for this question it doesn't matter. – vikingosegundo Dec 2 '10 at 5:41

"NSNumber may not respond to +operand" means what is says: There is no such class-method operand. What was it supposed to do?

You dont need a bool to track if memArray is initialized. use:



if (memArray == nil)
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Try changing [NSNumber operand] to [NSNumber numberWithDouble:operand].

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