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I have a datagrid which has its ItemsSource bound to the result of a linq query (.ToList())

I can make changes to properties of the collection bound to the itemssource, and these changes are reflected immediately in the datagrid fields, such as;

myQueryList[2].myProperty = newValue

What I can't do though, is see the changes made in the database reflected in the datagrid by this;

myQueryList.Refresh(RefreshMode.OverwriteCurrentValues, myQueryList[2])

I have inspected the value of myQueryList[2].myProperty after this refresh, and it shows it has correctly updated from the database. Why does the datagrid not display it, and how can i get the datagrid to display it?

Also; I have found the same problem with using an ObservableCollection

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seems to have something with myQueryList.Refresh not activating the item's OnPropertyChanged() event. If i force an OnPropertyChanged to occur for the changed property, the datagrid updates. I guess its now a matter of determining what properties were changed with the .Refresh()... – Stafford Williams Dec 2 '10 at 6:50
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Thanks to Casey's (edited) response in this post, i've found a workaround

I've implemented the SendPropertiesChanged() on the collection members and call it whenever i do a Refresh()

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Once you convert a query (deffered/dynamic) to a collection (fixed) using ToList() method, a separate collection is created. This new collection has no connection to the query. When something changes in query, it does not reflect on collection. You will need to reset the ItemsSource property whenever you call Refresh() on query.

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