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I want to use Google places API for my web application.I filled the form with my Publisher Adsense Id bt i didn't receive any email from google containing client ID for my use.Is google places API open for use now and how can i get this client ID?

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First you need to go to the Google APIs console and log in with your Google account. After that click on API access, and from there you will be able to create your own public client ID.

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This has changed recently with the new layout they have introduced. You now have to go to ^^"Your project" -> "APIs & auth" -> "Registered apps" -> "Register App"(big red button) -> ^^"Your App" -> "OAuth 2.0 Client ID". (^^ means you have created the name for this field.) –  Cort3z Oct 10 '13 at 20:19

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