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I have map with key and value and my goal is to get list of 'key'. I am thinking to get it to the array or List. Got to the point where I have key values in the SET but haven't figure out how to convert to the array.

below is my code:

Map<String, String> mmm = new Map<String, String>();
mmm.put('one', 'oneee');
mmm.put('two', 'twooo');
mmm.put('three', 'threeee');
mmm.put('four', 'fourff');

//outputs values in the map
system.debug('=======values()==========>' + mmm.values());
//outputs key in the map
system.debug('=======keyset()===========>' + mmm.keyset());

//get keys in the type SET
SET<string> s = mmm.keyset();
//returns 4
system.debug('------------------------------------' + s.size());

s.arrayTo() //this method does not exist :(
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For anyone who comes here looking for an answer for Set; The question asks about Sets, but the code example uses Map. The solution mention keyset(), but this does not exist for Set. If you need to convert a Set to a List, what I have been doing is using a Map instead and adding the value as the key as well, which replicates the Set functionality. –  lindon fox Jun 19 '13 at 7:36
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Use List.addAll method?


If not - you could always manually loop through the set...

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Yes, also after get values by keyset() call, for(String s : keys) works too for iteration. Thanks for the tip! –  masato-san Dec 2 '10 at 23:37
I like the for(String s : keys) approach best. –  tomdemuyt Dec 15 '11 at 21:24
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