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I want to create an C++ so library and include it in my Objective C code. I work in XCode. Here is C++ code:


#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>

extern "C" void my_sort(std::vector<int>& a) throw()
 sort(a.begin(), a.end()); // this is std::vector's sort function 

So I want to create the so library for including it in the Obejctive C code. How to include or import it ? .. I want to call my_sort() function ?

THanks !

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The trouble here is that your function has external C linkage. Hence it cannot use arguments of type std::vector, neither throw declarations as these are C++ stuff.

To include it into your objective C code, you have to write the accompanying header file, that will declare your exported function. It will be much easier to export it once you will have removed all references to C++ from its interface. It will also avoid the need to include the C++ headers.

Then, to use it from your Objective C code, #include your header file, and give the linker information to your library.

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I've done all this, but the linking seems FUBAR in Xcode. What does "give the linker information" actually mean, with Xcode? – Adam Nov 30 '13 at 16:22

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