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I'm having a small conceptual problem.

I need to seed my random so that I always get the same radom when I reload my levels.

So therefore I need to use Random#setSeed.

The problem I have then is that I then need to do a

Random r = new Random();

The problem is that I have then have to pass/fetch this instance of r across my code.

I would like to know if there is solution close to C:


The closest I have now is:

  public static Random r;
  private int currentSeed = ...;
    r = new Radom(currentSeed);

  //instead of Math.random();

But that doesn't seem very nice.

Any ideas?

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Yes, you need to pass the same Random instance around, either as a parameter, or by mean of a global (static variable or singleton).

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If you are using the same random across classes and you want reproduce-ability, you need to ensure that it is used in the same order as well. If your classes execute in a different order e.g. if its multi-threaded you will get a different result.

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No multithread, reading from a xml and strored in a list so I always ge t the same order ^^ – Jason Rogers Dec 2 '10 at 8:37

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