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Has anyone been having problems with aws-s3's S3Object.exists?, or S3Object.request(:head, ...) timing out when passed keys which do not exist? (I'm running aws-s3 0.6.2, ruby 1.9.2). Using S3Object.find('thenonexistantkey', bucket) raises a NoSuchKey exception as expected. Is this an issue on amazon's side?

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aws-s3 gem does not set the timeout to reasonable values

You can do it by monkeypatching its create_connection method

Create a file config/initializers/aws_s3_connection_monkey_patch.rb:

# Sets the timeouts to appropriate values for S3
module AWS
  module S3
    class Connection #:nodoc:
      def create_connection_with_timeout_settings
        http = create_connection_without_timeout_settings
        http.open_timeout = 1
        http.read_timeout = 5
      alias_method_chain :create_connection, :timeout_settings
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