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This question is a follow up to this question, where should I place this code?

connection = ActiveRecord::Base.connection
class << connection
  alias :original_exec :execute
  def execute(sql, *name)
    # try to log sql command but ignore any errors that occur in this block
    # we log before executing, in case the execution raises an error
        file = File.open(RAILS_ROOT + "/log/sql.txt",'a'){|f| f.puts Time.now.to_s+": "+sql}
    rescue Exception => e
    # execute original statement
    original_exec(sql, *name)

I have tried placing it inside of the model, but what happens is when I execute some sql query more then once it returns "stack level is to deep" error.

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Put it in config/initializers. Most likely it's because of reloading classes each time in dev env. This code need to be executed only once though.

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