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How to tell TortoiseHg (or Mercurial in general) that I want to use a given SSH key when pushing/pulling to/from a remote repository?

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On Windows, see PuTTY, plink and a particular config setting.

To put that in a particular repository, put in .hg/hgrc

ssh="C:\path to\plink.exe" -ssh -i "C:\your path to\private.key"

Also note that you don't need to specify the key path if you use pageant.

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You need to use PuTTY, set up a profile in that for the connection to the remote repository. and then in TortoiseHg you can then connect to ssh://profilename/

e.g. I set one up for bitbucket and called it bitb, so the connection is ssh://bitb/url-to-repo.

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