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I know semilogx and semilogy for 2D plots. There is any equivalent for SURF and MESH?

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I don't think you've any choice but to do the log calculation yourself. – Ian Hopkinson Jan 11 '09 at 20:08

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Have you looked at the XScale, YScale and Zscale axis properties. You can set them to either linear or log. However, to set these properties to log the data needs to be positive. See for more details.

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Thanks, now I have the same problem as the guy that asked the question you linked: the color now is pretty much the same, how to correct it? You can answer here:… – Jader Dias Jan 11 '09 at 21:37
I missed that problem. I have placed some hints on my other question but can't test right now. If I find time I will play around with Matlab to see if I can get something to work. – Azim Jan 11 '09 at 22:34

As stated in the mentioned link, to set all three axes to logarithmic scaling, use

set(gca, 'XScale', 'log', 'YScale', 'log', 'ZScale', 'log')
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