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Is there a way in Eclipse to set up Project>Build Project or Project>Build Automatically in a project by project case? Normally these settings are referring to all the projects of the current workspace. The closer I could get is Preferences>Workspace>Build Order but then again this is referring to the order of the builds.

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No it is not possible by design. I quote from an older discussion about the same subject:

"we decided that a mode with autobuild on a subset of the workspace confused the notion of autobuild, which currently implies that the user needs to know nothing about builds. Our thinking is that a new working set build, for which you can add a key binding (or remap Ctrl+B), is close enough for the small group of users that want this capability."

So I guess that is your best bet.

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thanks. I'll be trying the Ctrl+B remap then to fit my needs. –  dimitrisli Dec 2 '10 at 14:09

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