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I have written a small app for a small company of a friend of mine.

It was supposed to allow his customers to send monthly data to him.

-> Apple rejected because it was a too limited target group

I then added a map and driving directions and a possiblity to add his addres PLUS a view to get info about his topselling products.

-> Apple rejected, because it is "only self marketing"

What does an app to supply to be not-only-self-marketing ? Any company who provides a free app is doing so out of self-marketing. There are many apps (like IKEA) that only provide their catalogue ... what is different there, except they are bigger?

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The difference is that no people actually being a customer of the company will ever send monthly data through the application, simply because they are not interested at all, since they are not customer.

Distributing a catalogue (the IKEA example), is not the same thing. The catalogue may be appealing also to people which is not already a customer. The scope is in this case different, because the application targets both customers and potential customers, but does not require people to send back monthly data strictly related to the company.

If those customers may be considered as "members" of the organization (you must verify this with Apple), then you may consider the iOS Developer Enterprise program, which allow in-house distribution of applications to both employees and members of an organization.

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you are right, but AFTER adding a "catalogue"-Feature (like ikea), it was rejected because of self-marketing -> that would also mean IKEA is only self-marketing (without another customer-only-feature which I have) –  NNaod Dec 2 '10 at 12:42

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