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I'm having problem on finding program called ethloader. Would anybody tell me how to download it? And, where can I download the source.

When I tried to run that application without parameter, the following usage is shown:


./ethloader "<"hostname/">" "<"mac address">"

-f=<name>     upload a file to flash memory
-k=<kernel>   upload kernel image to flash memory
-r=<ramdisk>  upload ramdisk image to flash memory

[-b=<block>]  indicate starting flash memory block
[-m=<size>]   indicate maximum file size in hex number
[-s=<size>]   indicate maximum flash memory size in hex number


Thanks a lot guys

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 Usage of ethloader:
 ethloader <ip> <mac> -f=<filename> -b=<offset>
  <ip>:if your ip is ,you should set this ip to 192.168.2.X (X =1~254)
  <mac>: 86:95:0a:12:34:bc
  <filename>:The file name of the flashimage 
  <offset>:If your flashimage is 4 MB,the offset should set to 0.
  example:ethloader 86:95:0a:12:34:bc -f=flashimage -b=0


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