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I have a VBS script that downloads a file on login and places it in a given folder, It works brilliantly in some places but in others it falls over because the file was created by user1 and user2 can't overwrite it.

How would i give the group "Everyone" full control of a given file using a VBS script?

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One way of doing it would be to use the CACLS command line tool. Just run it from your script using Shell.Run.

Here's another link to information about how to use CACLS that has some samples.

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Something like this:

Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
strFile = "c:\test_folder\test_file.txt"
setPerms = "%COMSPEC% /c echo Y| C:\windows\system32\cacls.exe " & Chr(34) & strFile & Chr(34) & " /G domain\everyone:F"

wscript.echo setPerms setPerms

Partially gleaned from here:

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Function giveFullPermissionToFolder(strFolder)

Dim objShell, strCmd, intRunError

Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")

strCmd = "%comspec% /c echo Y| cacls " & strFolder & " /T /E /C /G Users:F"

intRunError = objShell.Run(strCmd, 2, True)

If intRunError<>0 Then

Reporter.ReportEvent micFail, "giveFullPermissionToFolder" , "Unable to give full permission to " & strFolder

End If

Set objShell=Nothing

End Function

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