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Hi I have a JSF application and I am showing a table of data in prime faces table. I am editing an individual data and update the datable but I need to restart the tomcat server in order to see the change. I am doing the database call in a method which is annotated with @PostConstruct so technically it should have the most recent data list from the database but it doesn't show the change soon after I change and refresh the table at all. All my beans with related to this are view scoped. I tried using different browser sessions but even this did not work out.

Hope some one can help. I ve pasted my code below.

public class GroupUpdateBean {
    @Inject private ProfileService dbInterface;

    public void updateGroupDetails(){
        UserGroup g=dbInterface.findGroup(selectedGroup.getId().longValue());
        dbInterface.updateGroup(g.getId(), selectedGroup);      


public class ProfileService extends AbstractBaseService {

    public ProfileService(){

    private List<UserBean> users;

    public UserGroup addGroup(UserGroup group){
        return group;

    public List<UserGroup> getAllGroups(){
        List resultList = em.createQuery("SELECT p FROM UserGroup p").getResultList();
        return resultList;

    public void updateGroup(Long id,Group newGroup){
        Query query = em.createQuery("UPDATE UserGroup g SET g.groupName = :name, g.description = :description , g.expiration= :expiration   WHERE :id");
        query.setParameter("description", newGroup.getDescription());
        query.setParameter("expiration", newGroup.getExpirationDate());
        int i=query.setParameter("name",newGroup.getGroupName()).executeUpdate();


    public UserGroup findGroup(Long id){
        System.out.println("Finding Group");
        return em.find(UserGroup.class,id);


public class GroupManagerBean {

    public GroupManagerBean(){

    public void init(){
        today = Calendar.getInstance();
        userGroups = findAllGroups();

    public List<Group> getAllGroups() {
        userGroups =findAllGroups();
        return userGroups;

    public List<Group>  findAllGroups(){
        List<UserGroup> resultList = (List<UserGroup>) dbInterface.getAllGroups();
        int listSize= resultList.size();
        userGroups = new ArrayList<Group>();        
        return userGroups;
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Is this the code which you're running? The findAllGroups() actually returns an empty list all the time. – BalusC Dec 2 '10 at 12:19
I just removed the code which I filled the arraylist..:) I beg your pardon for misleading. – Tharanga Dec 2 '10 at 12:26

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