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I want to start with magento. I know the basic installtion and running the admin and front end. I want to know the folder and file structure and the coading structure.

Please anyone send me any helpful link so that I can start learning.

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Start with the Magento Knowledge Base, in particular these articles are my favourite;


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Outside the aforementioned Magento Knowledge base, I found the recent nettuts series, magento for designers to be especially useful for getting to grips with the basics.

After that, there are some very useful posts here on stackoverflow.

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I wrote an introductory theme guide -- it starts at installing Magento via Subversion and coming out with a finished base theme. It's very simplistic and goes over some of the problems newcomers have.

Feel free to see it here. Let me know if you have questions

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Refer these two links . Its very useful to know about folder and file structures on magento.



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When you would like to create your own modules http://blog.baobaz.com/en/ can be helpfull for you. You can start by creating your own controller. Use searcher...

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I found this blog is very much useful..just check


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By far the most useful resource you will find (other than the links also here) will be Alan Storm's blog. Alan wrote the Magento for Developers series that @clockworkgeek refers to, but his blog includes some very handy utilities like the ConfigViewer and LayoutViewer, along with code walkthroughs.

I also find the Inchoo blog very handy.

Cheers, JD

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Magento is built on the Zend Framework, so knowing how Zend autoloads the models, libraries etc. really helped me.

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This is a helpful resource for understanding how the database is structured:

MAGEREVERSE Online Magento Database Diagram Tool

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Agree that Alan Storm's (take a look at his debug tool) blog is very good, as is Incho.

I've also found ClassLlama very useful too.

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this is a very good tutorial voor using magento http://alanstorm.com/category/magento

with this you will build some modules to start. He explains it in easy terms. it helped me with starting with magento!

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Magento is currently offering their $3850 Fundametals of Magento Development class for free. The Managing Your Magento Store - Part 1: Catalog Management class is also free. Sign up for these courses while you can. http://www.magentocommerce.com/services/register-for-training

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