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I have 2 classes:

class A {
B b;

public A() {}
public A(B b) { setB(b); }

class B {
int id;
public B(int id) { setId(id); }

in hql I want to select like this:

select new A( new B(a.b.id) ) from A a

but I got error

org.hibernate.hql.PARSER - line 1:48: unexpected token: ,

Is it possible to create object in parameter, or select just field and create it inside constructor?

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What exactly do you want? Why do you need to use new here, can't you just do SELECT a ...? – axtavt Dec 2 '10 at 12:56
in this class is more fields and I don't want to select them. – Dainius Dec 2 '10 at 13:01
witch "select new A(a.b.id) from A a" hibernate will generate select just for that field and not for other eager fields. What I want is to get object instead of int value. But in B also is some eager fields, that I don't need, therefore I don't want to get full B object. – Dainius Dec 2 '10 at 13:03

Not sure whether I exactly understood what you want to achieve. But you can create a HQL query (with projection) to only query for the columns you're intereset in, like:

select a.whatever, b.id from A a join a.b b

Afterwards you provide an implementation for the interface ResultTransformer and set it to your query object with query.setResultTransformer(yourTransformer)

Your implementation of the result transformer is responsible for creating instances for A and B

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this query just return list of whatever and id. I need object A list, but if A is big and have lot relation to other objects, selecting this A can take some times. Some times I just need list of A with only few fields from only few related objects. I can do that with "select new A(a.whatever, a.b) from A", but than it will select full B object, and I need only id from it, therefore best query would by "select new A(a.whatever, new B(a.b.id) from A" but hibernate not allow that. therefor I need create other classes with only field I need. – Dainius Feb 4 '11 at 8:29

maybe look into writing your own function to build your queries and use of the StrinBuilder class - use hql.append instead of writing out the query !!!

import org.hibernate.Hibernate; import org.hibernate.search.FullTextQuery; import org.hibernate.search.FullTextSession; import org.hibernate.search.Search;

not sure if it helps, otherwise go and check out cyclos web app - it includes lots of queries and according java files. Its open source and uses comprhensive hibernate


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