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I want my website to change its layout according to the device positon. The site has 2 layout types: vertical(height > width) ang horizontal(width > height).

do you see any solution?

upd: I don't see any complexity in changing the site layout. I want to know is there any event to handle. p.s. will iphone's browser change its orientation if i rotate the device 90 degree? Dave, tnx for emendation.

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For the record, it's an accelerometer (that measures where gravity is relative to the phone), not a gyroscope. –  FryGuy Jan 11 '09 at 21:16

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There is a javascript event called onorientationchange sent when the orientation changes and also there is a property called orientation on the window object that tells what the current orientation is.

See the documentation for more info and sample.

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