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Vxworks states that mutual exculsion semaphores : Cannot be given inside ISR, while the condition is vaild for binary and counting semaphore.

I am not able to understand the reason out the same.

Thanks, Zaks.

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Remember that a Mutex must first be acquired/taken then released/given. In addition, the task that acquires the mutex owns it. This prevents another task from releasing a mutex it doesn't own.

With that being the case, it becomes clear that since an ISR cannot acquire a mutex (or any semaphore for that matter - it's a blocking operation), then it follows that it can't give the mutex.

It is quite possible for an ISR to do give a Binary or Counting semaphore to signal a task that something happens. But mutexes are always a take/give pair.

To clarify a point. In VxWorks, the ISR context is not the same as the context of a task!
The following scenario is invalid:

  Task A            ISR

Task A owns the mutex. When the ISR runs, it executes in a totaly different context. Most current processors have a separate ISR stack. Since Task A owns the mutex, how could the ISR give it up? In fact, what guarantee do you have that the ISR will fire while A has the mutex.
Even assuming you "could" give a mutex in an ISR, how would you handle the following scenario:

 Task A                       Task B                 ISR
  <context switch happens>
                              <B runs>

Task A gets switched out due to a call unrelated to the mutex, and Task B runs. The ISR now executes while B was running. Would it still be valid for the ISR to be given?

Regardless of all this, the simple fact is that a mutex is always used in a pair of Get/Set. I fail to see a use case where you would have an isolated semGive.

Is there a specific situation you have in mind that would require a semGive from an ISR context?

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I agree with you comment that any semaphore should not be acquired in an ISR , but in case of mutex cant the same task release it which had acquired it earlier . So the statement "Mutex cannot be released within ISR" sounds a misnomer –  Zaks Dec 3 '10 at 5:35
No i donot have specific situation, I was just going through Vxworks programmers guide which states the above, didnot realise that ISR runs in a different context. –  Zaks Dec 6 '10 at 5:32

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