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There are lot of open-source application available in these days which provide various things like blogging, cms, own branded application etc.

Like blogs : -subtext -Wordpress -Joomla -Drupal etc.

Now, I need all of your suggestions what points to be taken in consideration while starting to develop an open source application which provides blogging like wordpress or subtext.

As I told there ar elot of open source application available in the world. But, I want to develop one in asp.net/C#.

So, please suggest me your views. All words will be appreciated!

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I would give you a couple of pieces of advice on this. First, keep it simple. At lease from the start. Make a blog that allows for posts and comments. Shouldn't be to crazy, I am pretty sure some good examples can be found.

Second, pick a good tech stack. Maybe use this project to branch out. I would definitely encourage you to implement this using modern web standards (i.e. javascript, css, etc..) and probably would say server side, use FubuMVC or Asp.Net MVC to build out your routes and views. With either one of those frameworks there is samples available to get database connectivity through an ORM.

Good luck in your endeavor!

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Thanks a lot for your marvelous suggestion, I will definitely start as per your path-ways. One thing whats the benefit to go with asp.net MVC or FubuMVC rather than Asp.net webs? Sorry, if I am bit crazy. –  Gaurav Kumar Arora Dec 2 '10 at 14:46
Google ASP.net MVC mate. There are few blogs and SO questions which wil show you why ASp.net MVC rather then asp.net. Do ping me if you decided to start a new open source project. will be more than happy to work on it. Best Wishes –  swapneel Dec 2 '10 at 15:15
@Swapneel - Thanks a lot mate. I really happy to get the pleasure to build my team. let me do some R&D and I will come back to you very soon. –  Gaurav Kumar Arora Dec 2 '10 at 16:13


I would recommend reading the following thread before deciding your dev pattern:

Why does the ASP.Net Web Forms model "suck"?

Good luck!

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