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i need to make an sutosuggest similar to freebase ...i need to know how can i treansfer the datas from my db

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {

i have an db i need to get the details from the db how can i do that???

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If you have an http service (JSON/P) to your dataset and have a translation layer for the suggest parameters, you should be able to adjust the "service_url" and "service_path" parameters to point to your service:

  service_url: "",
  service_path: "/your/json/service"

Try out a suggest demo (here) and with Web Inspector/Firebug look at the http requests/responses suggest makes to Your web service must return the same JSON format suggest is expecting. Otherwise, you may need to overwrite the default suggest response handler (which is do-able).

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You can try the autocomplete component from jQUery ui.

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