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Can any one show me some online tool or any other free tool which can produce a XML file based on my XSD with some dummy data.

i have a XSD with lots of fields and i don't want to do it manualy so looking some auto tool who can help me so that i can focus on parsing part rather than XML creation

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What tool did you use to create the XSD? Many of these tools come with "create sample XML" features, but they are not always well known. I think even Eclipse has this ability somewhere in it. – FrustratedWithFormsDesigner Dec 2 '10 at 15:35
Potential duplicate...stackoverflow.com/questions/17106/… – Aaron McIver Dec 2 '10 at 15:37
i have use JAXB 2.x for xsd creation,all i want a xml with some dummy data based on the XSD – Umesh Awasthi Dec 2 '10 at 15:41
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I don't know if there's an online tool for this.

However take a look at this discussion.

Anyway Eclipse IDE can generate an XML file starting from a XML Schema or a DTD or an XML template.

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I use Altova XML Spy. It will generate sample XML based on a schema file. The sample data will only be default text based on the data type of the elements (i.e. xs:string elements are populated with the word 'String', xs:int elements are populated with 0, etc...).

XMLSpy is only free as a trial, but if you're working with a lot of XML it's definitely a worthwhile investment.

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i was about there download page.thaks – Umesh Awasthi Dec 2 '10 at 15:42

The OpenXSD library mentions that they have support for generating XML instances based on the XSD. Check that out.

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