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I have this code:

<form Name="AddPlace" ID="AddPlace" action="AddPlace.aspx" class="niceform" method="post" runat="server">

That when i try to execute the code i get this instead:

<form name="aspnetForm" method="post" action="AddPlace.aspx" id="aspnetForm" class="niceform">

How come it changes?

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ASP.NET web forms takes control over the form element; for instance, if you try to change the action, ASP.NET will ignore it and change it back... why do you need a specific ID? Why won't aspnetForm work?


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it will work, but i wanted to specify which form is used (using different names..).. –  Nati Dec 2 '10 at 16:15
Well, just inside the form, you could place a server-side panel and use the panel as the means to identify the form... or there are other techniques. If you mean different pages, a property in the page code-behind (with a custom page base class) can also do that for you. Not sure all the details so I'm trying to think ahead... –  Brian Mains Dec 3 '10 at 13:18

Set "clientidmode" attribute to "static" on the form tag to prevent the framework from override your name/id with "aspnetForm". This was driving me nuts for hours.

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It may be because you are using Master Pages. You can change the Action attribute dynamically if you really need to:

How to change Action attribute of the aspnetForm on MasterPage dynamically

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