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I have some code that needs to see if a file has been selected before it runs the code .... its pretty simple code, its just not working for some reason and i cant see why. my code is as follows

$directory = 'uploads/'.substr(md5(microtime() * mktime()),0,15);

    mkdir($directory, 0777, TRUE);
    chmod($directory, 0777);


I have multiple file fields which are coded like so:

<input class="file-input" name="filename[]" type="file" size="32" />

When i move the code OUTSIDE the 'if(isset......' block, it works perfect .... just not inside it, and thats where i need it.

Can anyone see where im going wrong?

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microtime() * mktime() makes no sense. You are multiplying a string (yes, microtime returns a string unless you use microtime(true)) with a number. md5(microtime()) should be good enough for your purpose. Or have a look at uniqid –  ThiefMaster Dec 2 '10 at 16:50

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Oh dear .... I figured the problem.

Yes thats right folks .... I forgot to change the type of form to multipart.

Feel free to throw things at me!!!

Thanks anyways guys!

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accept your own answer –  ajreal Dec 2 '10 at 17:00

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