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I have around ~40 custom modules and a custom skin on a DotNetNuke site that I have created. I tried updating it to 5.0 and got a few exceptions.

I want to see what the effort would be to convert a bunch of modules and a skin to work in DotNetNuke 5.0. I cannot find anything specific using Google. Any experiences or resources you have had would be great.

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In regards to the custom skin, there's a blog post from Nina Meiers that goes into a bit of detail on how to get a legacy skin to work in DNN 5. In the end I don't think she got it to work and it doesn't look like it'd be a trivial task however so I'd be prepared to put in some hours to learn how it works under the covers.

I know nothing about the modules however.

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Here is a blog post about packaging modules for DotNetNuke 5.

Also converting skin package of DotNetNnuke 4.x to DotNetNuke 5.x seems to be what you are looking for.

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When I was testing my site to upgrade to DNN5, all but one of my custom modules worked without changing a thing. Our skin worked fine as well. So one skin and 8 or 9 modules worked great. The broken module has a dependency on a third-party module I am waiting on an update to.

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