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I'm looking into the idea of using cookies for tracking purposes and have noticed that my current website hasn't got a compact privacy policy.

I've googled it and there are ways to create them but at a price.

Just wondering if there was a way to do this without paying for it.

Any ideas?

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I am busy with the same thing. All the free tools do not work it seems.

This post: W3 P3P seems to help, busy doing it this way now. Luckily it is basically only 2 or so xml files you need to put in the www/w3c/ folder on the webserver.

Also run this tool P3P Validator to test everything.

Also remeber to add the Compact P3P into your HTTP header.

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You can generate a very detailed and high quality privacy policy, really near to a hand made one, thanks to this service called iubenda. There are both a Free and a Paid version, check it out: http://www.iubenda.com/en

(I'm the founder ;) )

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Looks good think we will have a look into this more :) – Jamie Taylor Aug 1 '12 at 10:14

While I love iubenda.com, I also wanted to throw out http://www.privacychoice.org/ as an good alternative as-well.

Reviews of both (and a few others) are here: http://www.applicationprivacy.org/do-tools/privacy-policy-generator/

I have used both sites and have no ties to either.

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