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I have a strongly typed mvc page which I wont to bind a unorder list to a list of objects. So in mvc view it might look something like

<% foreach (var item in Model.WhatYouDoL) { %>
<li><%: Html.Encode(item.Text) %><input type="hidden" name="WhatYouDoL[0].Reference" /></li>
<% } %>

My view model might look something like

public class ViewModelQuoteWhatYouDoInMotorTrade
        public List<WhatYouDo> WhatYouDoL { get; set; }

and my list contains object like

public struct WhatYouDo

        public decimal Percent { get; set; }
        public string Reference { get; set; }
        public string Text { get; set; }

This binds ok providing I use WhatYouDoL[0].Reference with the index ([0]) which when loading I can set with an index. The problem is I want to add and remove from this list on the client side. So I might have some js which adds and extra list item and removes the current. This means I have to somehow manage the indexes in the name and keep them in order and non duplicate on the client side. Does anyone know if there is a way to get around using the index in the name.

Thanks in advance.

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Do you want to update list using Ajax? Or what. Please provide some more info. – The Smallest Dec 2 '10 at 21:31

There is, probably, a mistake:

<% foreach (var item in Model.WhatYouDoL) { %>
<li><%: Html.Encode(item.Text) %><input type="hidden" name="WhatYouDoL[0].Reference" /></li>
<% } %>

Maybe it should be:

<% foreach (var item in Model.WhatYouDoL) { %>
<li><%: item.Text %><input type="hidden" name="<%: item.Reference %>" /></li>
<% } %>

You don't need to encode as long as you use <: proof

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don't forget colon in <% item.Reference %>, I think it should be <%: item.Reference %> – zam6ak Dec 2 '10 at 18:40
@zam6ak thanks, will update – The Smallest Dec 2 '10 at 18:42
Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer. I might not have put my question across properly. The problem is having to use this naming convention name="WhatYouDoL[0].Reference". I want to add and remove to the list client side but this means i need to make sure at the end all the [0] indexes are correct in the collection. I was hoping o could do name="WhatYouDoL.Reference" and mvc would work out it is a collection. Thanks again. – peter pan Dec 2 '10 at 21:26
I think this might work. I havent tried it yet though. Non sequential indexes part. – peter pan Dec 3 '10 at 9:59
I think this might work. – peter pan Dec 3 '10 at 15:23

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