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What does the .NET framework provide, if anything, in the way of classes for performing geometric calculations? For example, calculating the distance between two points (represented as (x,y)) or solving a right triangle's unknown sides or internal angles? (I know that both of those are pretty easily solved; I'm just using those as examples).

If there's nothing built-in does anyone know of any open source or third party libraries that might be helpful?

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Geometric calculations? In what coordinate system? Rectangular? Cylindrical? Spherical? Elliptical? Hyperbolic? Best to look for a library. Sorry I can't recommend one - I'm a Java guy. – duffymo Jan 11 '09 at 22:48
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OpenTK.Math is not bad. Lacks any docs though.

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I know the programmer that put together the mathematics library called WW.Math. It is written entirely in C#. I highly recommend it as it is well documented and intuitive to use. It is used extensively in our own 2d/3d engineering software.

Edit: I should mention that the library is not free.

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Well, there are the spatial types in the SQL Server library that might help with some of your needs? (certainly things like distance/area on 2D/3D surfaces). These are intended to be used from TSQL, but as I understand it you should be able to use them in .NET too (since they are just assemblies).

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