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I'm trying to implement a feature where a user can click on a row i.e., <tr>, and it'll go to a specific URL.

Here's my HTML and Jquery code:


                        <input class="threadid_c" id="threadID" name="threadID" type="hidden" value="MzAwMTYwLDMwMDM3Miw=" />
                        <input class="threadid_c" id="threadID" name="threadID" type="hidden" value="MzAwMzcyLDMwMDM4MCw=" />

        $('#datatable tr').click(function() {
            var x = $(this).find("input:hidden");
            var url = "/User/Ping/" + x.val();
            location.href = url;

This works fine in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. But in Safari, x.val() returns undefined.

I looked in Safari's JavaScript console, I see this message:

<input> is not allowed inside <tr>. Inserting <input> before the <table> instead.

Not sure if that's related to the problem. Any suggestions?

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You can't have a <input> as a direct <tr> child just like it says, just tuck it inside the first <td> instead, like this:

   <input class="threadid_c" name="threadID" type="hidden" value="MzAwMzcyLDMwMDM4MCw=" />

Also remove the id attribute since it's repeated...they should be unique in the page.

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Thanks, that was definitely a brain fart on my part – Dean Dec 3 '10 at 0:34

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