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I'm developing C# software to talk to a 3rd party socket based server, "socketServer.exe".

There is an existing demo program that I can run which will let me do basic things, such as connect to "socketServer.exe" on localhost, port 5009, and grab some data.

What utility do you recommend to:

  • 1) find out what ports "socketServer.exe" is using to communicate to the demo app;
  • 2) monitor traffic on port 5009 between my app ("myapp.exe") and socket 5009, both on localhost.
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p.s. I tried WireShark - but unfortunately, this didn't work as it only seems to monitor traffic that actually passes through the Ethernet interface. As both programs ("myapp.exe" + "socketServer.exe") are running on the same computer, it doesn't seem to pick anything up, probably because everything is on localhost, bypassing the Ethernet interface (correct me if I'm wrong). – Contango Dec 2 '10 at 18:09

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Try nettool @

Hope this helps. Johan

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Thanks, this utility definitely has its place. – Contango Dec 7 '10 at 16:08

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