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Here is my config/databases.yml:

    class: sfDoctrineDatabase
      dsn:      mysql:host=localhost;dbname=galapagos
      username: galapagos
      password: U88rnh9#g
#  survey:
#    class: sfDoctrineDatabase
#    param:
#      dsn:      mysql:host=localhost;dbname=survey
#      username: survey
#      password: U88rnh9#s

As you can see, there's just one connection that's not commented out.

If I delete everything in cache/ and log/ and then run symfony doctrine:build-schema and symfony doctrine:build --all-classes, I get this error:

Unknown connection: survey

But I'm not mentioning survey anywhere!

My schema doesn't mention survey:

$ cat config/doctrine/schema.yml | grep survey

Interestingly, I don't get the error if I only run build-model. The error apparently only happens for build-forms and build-filters.

Why is this happening?

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Found the same problem :( –  Manu Nov 28 '11 at 16:24

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Got "Unknown connection: web" whenever I ran symfony doctrine:build-sql

Following on Anthony Martin, I perused my model doctrine classes and found at line 1 of one of them :

Doctrine_Manager::getInstance()->bindComponent('WsSessions', 'web');

Changing web into doctrine which was the actual name of db connection entered inside config/databases.yml, solved the problem !

[why on earth 'web' ever happened to be written there, don't ask me ;-)]

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I had a similar issue. To solve it I got rid of the doctrine classes for any tables I had created in the schema which were at one point using the connection. Then I ran php symfony doctrine:clean

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You need to remove corresponding doctrine_schema_xxxx.yml files in /tmp directory as well.

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what /tmp directory ? –  Manu Nov 28 '11 at 16:22
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Went away on its own. Stupid problem, stupid solution.

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Would be great if you shared the solution :) –  Jakub Zalas Dec 2 '10 at 22:55
Would be great if I knew what it was! –  Jason Swett Dec 6 '10 at 19:13

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