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With the table definition:

     EmployeeId Primary Key


And class definition of

public class Employee
     public int EmployeeId {get; set;}
     public string LastName {get; set;}
     public string FirstName {get; set;}

     public EmployeeAddress EmployeeAddress {get; set;}

What type mapping should be used to populate Employee.EmployeeAddress. My first attempt was


that generates the join as

Employee.EmployeeId = EmployeeAddress.EmployeeAddressId

Can I use Join to do it? Something like

Join("EmployeeAddress", join => join.Map(x => x.EmployeeAddress).  

That generates an error when configure is called. It seems I can only use Join for individual properties and not the class. I can get Join to work if I add properties in the Employee class for Address and City and then map those, but I want to map it as a class not each individual property.

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I don't know the Fluent syntax (for one-to-one it's HasOne and for many-to-one it's References), but this is the resulting XML:

<class name="Employee">
  <id name="EmployeeId">
    <generator class="..." />
  <property name="FirstName" />
  <one-to-one name="EmployeeAddress" cascade="all" property-ref="Employee" />
<class name="EmployeeAddress">
  <id name="EmployeeAddressId">
    <generator class="..." />
  <property name="Address" />
  <many-to-one name="Employee" column="EmployeeId" unique="true" cascade="all" />
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