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I created a new .dsf database for my application. I added just one table with two columns, "ID" (int, auto-increment, step=1, start=1) and another column called "Name" of nchar.

Then I added a new datagrid, choosing the dataset (strongly typed one) created with the table from dsf database. The grid allows me to add news rows, but the column "ID" shows that the row just added as an id of "-1" and so on adding more rows.

In addition, no changes are made on .dsf. Sad, what I'm doing wrong? This is driving me crazy...

EDIT SEE PICTURE BELOW: simple example.. I added a few lines in the table (using visual studio editor).

    public Form1()
        TabellaTableAdapter ta = new TabellaTableAdapter();
        ta.Fill(dataSet1.Tabella); // Fill the dataset with "Tabella" content

    private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        Data.DataSet1.TabellaRow newrow = dataSet1.Tabella.NewTabellaRow();
        newrow.Name = textBox1.Text; // Set the "Name" field
        dataSet1.Tabella.AddTabellaRow(newrow); // Add the new row
        dataSet1.Tabella.AcceptChanges(); // Commit

Pressing the button creates those new rows (with negative ids) and no changes are commited back to the database: alt text

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Do those ID values change after an AcceptChanges?

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see the picture.. no changes at all, what I'm missing? –  gremo Dec 2 '10 at 23:03

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