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There a Integrated Scripting Environment for Windows Powershell scripting language but is there a ISE for Windows batch (.bat) scripts? How do people develop .bat scripts efficiently, do you use some kind of ISE?

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If you have windows xp or older, you could go to the command prompt and type:

edit test.bat

It should bring up a blue screen with a very primitive GUI that lets you open, edit, and create batch files. It also has a list (along with detailed descriptions) of every command used in both batch/shell programming and power shell programming. This program is also available in windows server 2003 and later last time i checked! :P

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There is no edit included in 64 bit versions of Windows. I was unaware that there was a command reference in edit. This is good to know. Also, according to that link edit was a dos executable. I will have to verify that. – Justin Dearing Sep 7 '11 at 17:35

I just use a standard (but decent) text editor - my personal one is vim, but there's others out there (Programmers Text Editor, Notepad+, etc).

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