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I am in the process of writing an application which, among other functionality, generates MediaWiki documentation of an MSSQL database (objects, tables, table data).

My question is which document formats you prefer, or are required to produce. I have too many ideas to follow, so your answers should set my priorities ;)

(I know there are other documentation-related questions on SO, but they mostly deal with how to generate documentation (I know how to), and do not ask for specific doc types or platforms)

Edit: Thanks for the comments. Actually I have table relations already, since I parse foreign keys. However full cross-reference may be a bit trickier ;)

However the question was meant to ask for the document types, such as Word, PDF, ODF, whatever. What are your professional requirements or preferences?

Update: Overview of generated documentation

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It sounds like you have already decided on a document format, which is HTML based on MediaWiki markup.

Also you should generate Entity-Relationship Diagrams which are useful additions to database documentation (though ERD's don't tell the whole story either).

Do you mean document organization, i.e. what headings and content should be included in each page?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Table Structure

    • Column names, data types, constraints
    • Meaning and usage of each column
    • Extra logical constraints in triggers and application code
    • Indexes defined
  2. Relationships to other tables

    • Tables dependent on this one
    • Tables this one depends on
    • Notes on special or implicit relationships, that have no enforcement through database constraints
  3. Usage of table

    • Usage in stored procedures
    • Usage in application code
    • Usage in views
    • Who has read and/or write access; SQL privileges of each user or role

There are other questions at StackOverflow that are very close to this one.

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Thank you for your input. If you are interested in the results, please see link in updated question. – devio Feb 17 '10 at 6:07

You might want to have a look at what the commerical vendors do regarding this. As Bill said, you certainly need an ER diagram. Commercial products to look at could include Embarcadero ER/Studio, Red-Gate SQL Doc, Power Designer and others.

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